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Courseware Newsletter Grow Your Business with Intertech's Reseller Program

If you're like most training executives, you've been facing a tougher business environment over the past year. To help you get more sales with no risk and no capital requirements, Intertech is launching the Intertech Reseller Program.

With the Intertech Reseller Program, you:

  • Complete a simple approval process
  • List Intertech courses on your website and marketing channels
  • Handle the transaction for enrollment (i.e. you still own your customers and your relationship)
  • Register the students at a discounted reseller rate
  • Intertech handles all logistics and delivers the course. Students can attend the live courses virtually over the Internet or at Intertech's facility in St. Paul, MN
  • Follow-up after class for additional business and enrollment opportunities. With Intertech's world-class satisfaction rating, you're ensured happy customers--guaranteed or your money back.

For more information, contact us at 651 288 7000

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Intertech Professional Series Courseware strengthens your offering and is field tested and consistently updated to stay current with the latest software releases.

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